Monday, 1 December 2014

Just found out Maker made their support section invisible to me so that I would stop exposing them

Good thing I have a friend who has access to that section of the forum (who also hasn't been paid as well). Funny thing, I never even bashed them on their own forum. All I'm doing here is revealing the TRUTH.

Here are even more complaints. Enjoy.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Maker Gen deletes Support forums with all threads regarding payouts

On top of all this non-sense from Maker Gen they decided to delete their ENTIRE SUPPORT section of their forums! My guess is because of all the payment and scamming complaints that existed in that section. If you scroll further down the blog here you will see countless amounts of complaints from other partners who haven't been compensated for months with still no solution. Maker Studios is great at hiding their true colors.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Still linked to network and account earning Maker Gen money

Approximately four weeks ago someone from Maker said they would look into unlinking me from the network then stopped replying and deny me from leaving their network while they violate their own contract. Still no money, no support and no value.

This is officially the WORST MCN to date. Maker Studios + Maker Gen are not only scam artists, they violate their own contract and make up bogus excuses not to pay their partners. Also they keep you linked to their network to earn THEM money LOL. Sounds very fair!

Follow up on Maker Gen support team

Funny how this network just makes excuses and the complaints keep coming. So far from everyone I have spoken to directly, nobody has been paid a cent. Every time somebody gets a reply, its either they are "suspicious", "payment amount isn't correct", "we have transferred you to royalties department (and then no reply after that lol)", "wait until the 15th for payment (even though everyone has been waiting since July lol)", "we are looking into it thanks for your patience" or a closed ticket with no answer (my favorite one).

This network provides NO VALUE to you, they just take your money and leave you empty handed while keeping you linked to their scam network. Join YouTube's partner program and monetize through AdSense instead of becoming a part of this nightmare MCN.

Moderators on the forum trying to defend the company. Disney merge was back in April LOL. Join Maker Gen or Maker Studios and enjoy the A+ support! NOT. I would gladly give them an A+ for excuses though!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Maker Studios aka. Maker Gen why are you keeping me linked to your network when I am so called  "suspicious"? I know you are reading this and it is completely BS that your team would accuse my account of suspicious activity when my account is in AMAZING standing and is over 2 years old and still ACTIVE. I have contacted partner support on YouTube, my account has nothing suspicious about it.

Again browsing on the forums here is more proof Maker Gen is a terrible network.

Last support ticket submitted over a week ago, zero reply. My lawyer has been advised and I already have over 20 people rounded up to file a massive complaint against your scam company.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

More proof Maker Studios and Maker Gen is a scam

Here we have more complaints on their own forums about non payment, these are starting to pile up!

Maker Gen loves to keep you linked to their network even when you are so called "suspicious" and keep on earning money from your content. Quality company. On the dashboard they also log that you have been paid out even when you haven't! If the IRS comes after me claiming I have to pay taxes on money I never received I will be making my way to their headquarters to raise some heck.